Changing Datetime control format in Team Foundation Server 2010

I was working on a new work item template (WIT) for Team Foundation Server 2010 and I encountered a requirement for a datetime field where the user could select a the date and the time a specific activity was done. The DateTimeControl for TFS work items displays only a date picker by default, which for this particular use case was not quite accurate enough.

Searching over the web I’ve found a good post of Nick Hoggard in order to do this.

Simply, you have to set the Format and CustomFormat attribute of the control in the work item definition. That’s all!



Project Server 2010 – Using team tasks

I’m currently working at timesheets management for the working time’s tracking process of my company’s customer.

Today I spent a couple of hours trying to implement the team tasks feature of Project Server 2010. Searching on the web I found several resources speaking about that, so I followed the following steps:

  1. From Server Settings -> Enterprise Custom Fields and Lookup Tables, I created a new lookup table named Teams, then I edited the Team name custom field setting the newly created lookup table as source for the custom field.
  2. From the Resource center I created a generic work resource named Team1 with the Team name field set and Team Assignment Pool flag checked.
  3. From the Resource center I updated the Team name of some resources in order to create my team. (Obviously the team name selected must be the same of the generic resource Team1!)
  4. From the Project Professional 2010 I opened the project, assigning some tasks to the generic resource Team1. Saved and published the project.
  5. As final step every resource could see team tasks in the list from Timesheet ->Insert Row -> Insert Team Task.

Unfortunately the strange (than what I expected)  behavior happened when someone tried to assign a task to himself. a popup with the following message was shown:

‘One or more of the specified tasks could not be re-assigned. This can happen of the proposed resource to be assigned already has an assignment on the given task or the specified assignment is deleted or rejected’

After investigation, I can say that:

  • Every resources involved in reassignment process must be grant the Self-assign Team Tasks permission;
  • Every task reassignment must be approved by the resource assignment manager from Approval Center;

Ok! How can I publish update to project? If I open the project in Project Professional a message is shown saying that there are status updates not approved yet, but the list in the Approval Center is empty! I think that following steps can help you:

  1. The project manager, from the Approval Center should click on History -> Status update.
  2. Select the reassigned task item from the list and click the Publish button in the ribbon bar.
  3. Now another resource of the team can assign the team task to himself, too.

These last steps must be repeated for each new task reassignment…